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张军波,刘勇胜* 等,地球乐虎lehuvip88. Geo...

李瑞,王生维,等,资源lehuvip88. Rock Mec...

朱镇*,赵晶 等,经管lehuvip88. Internation...

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王雨轩,徐尚,郝芳 等,资源lehuvip88 构造与油气资源app部重点lehu. GSA Bulletin, December 2019. Multiscale petrographic heterogeneity and their implications for the nanoporous system of the Wufeng-Longmaxi shales in Jiaoshiba area, Southeast China: Response to depositional-diagenetic pro 2019-12-24
权永彬, 郝芳* 等. 资源lehuvip88 构造与油气资源app部重点lehu GSA Bulletin, December, 2019. Paleosalinity assessment and its influence on source rock deposition in the western Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea 2019-12-24
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